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CAP’s Mentoring Program a Hit On and Off the Ice

posted Feb 28, 2013, 12:13 PM by CommunityActionPartnership MadisonCounty   [ updated Mar 21, 2013, 12:00 PM ]
CAP's Mentoring Program IcePlex Jan 2013
Morrisville, NY— CAP’s Mentoring Program had a very special group activity at Morrisville IcePlex last month. On Saturday, January 26th eighteen CAP mentees were treated to ice skating, snacks, and enjoyed a Morrisville Mustang hockey game.  This was very exciting for many of the mentees as it was their first time ice skating and their first time attending a hockey game.  It was even more memorable as Morrisville won the game!


This event opened a world of possibilities for one mentee in particular.  Due to a medical condition this young boy is not able to ice skate and often needs the use of a wheelchair.  However, not wanting him to be excluded from this event CAP’s mentoring team found a way to be sure he was included in the fun on the ice.  Seven members from Morrisville State College men’s lacrosse team volunteered to come to the event to push him around in a chair on the ice.  At first the mentee was very reluctant, but eventually he gave it a whirl.  His face just lit up with joy as they pushed him around the ice and he gave a thumbs up to every person he passed!  Following the open skate the members of the lacrosse team invited him back to their locker room and gave him a lacrosse jersey.  The majority of the team signed his jersey and before he left the coach even invited him to attend all of their home games free of charge!  After speaking some more with the coach of the lacrosse team they invited him to not only attend all of their games, but following each game they would like him to come into the locker room with the team and give them some words of encouragement.  It was such a memorable exchange that the team has a picture of him with the members who pushed him around the ice hanging in their locker room for inspiration.


This is just one example of the meaningful community interactions CAP’s mentoring program fosters. If you or someone you know has an hour a week to share with a local youth, please call CAP Mentoring Program Supervisor Dennis Hoover at  697-3588.

PHOTO: A CAP mentee who usually needs a wheelchair was able to participate in CAP’s Mentoring Program group ice skating event last month thanks to members of Morrisville’s Lacrosse team. It was a memorable event for all that inspired new meaningful community connections.  


Community Action Partnership’s Mentoring Program reaches out to approximately 40 Madison County youth each year, bringing activities to inspire and educate the youth in the area. CAP is funded in part by the Madison County Youth Bureau, United Way of Greater Oneida, Madison County Promise, Madison County Department of Social Services and the Women’s Fund of Central New York, all playing their part in creating positive social interactions and developmental programs for the youth.